Sunday, February 8, 2009

I want to be a

This weekend, the girls and I went to the Fort Worth Stock Show. We have gone every year for a few years now and we always have a great time. Here are a few pics from the great time we had.

This is what she wants as her first car:

Why YES, you too can have this fine John Deere tractor in your driveway for $239.00 a month.

Wow! She was born to ride:

We saw some livestock

And rode some rides


  1. What adorable girls. They look like they had a ball!

  2. Thank you for entering our give away and becoming a neighbor.

  3. Oh my gosh, those pictures are adorable! Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to see a new face :).

  4. You have two adorable girls! That table you redid looks awesome and what a great price!

  5. The girls are SWEETNESS :o) I just love what you did to the table and chairs. Great job.

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  7. I haven't heard from you yet! You won the giveaway on my product review blog If I don't hear back from you buy Thursday, May 7th I'll have to pick another winner. Thanks! Cindy~My Romantic Home


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